Rachel Berger - Australian Comedian 

"She is one of the sharpest comedians of either gender or hemisphere." - The List, Scotland


“She could make the Sphinx crack a smile.” THE SUN HERALD, SYDNEY
“She’s brave, funny, clever and best of all, human.” THE SUNDAY AGE
"Berger, queen of stand-up satire and dominatrix extraordinaire of audiences." THE AUSTRALIAN
“Berger is a whirling dervish of wit, revelation and philosophy.” THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
“Experience this hour of machine gun delivery and ricocheting thoughts, and you realise she’s as pumped as an AFL footballer.” STAGE LEFT

RACHEL BERGER is one of Australia’s most highly regarded, adept, and adaptive comedic talents, working variously as a comedian, broadcaster, novelist, columnist, agitator and television entertainer. Political, passionate and armed only with her material, Rachel has been prowling the stand-up circuit like a tigress for 25 years. She’s taken four solo shows to the Edinburgh Festival and her dynamic presence and engagingly sharp observations have made her an extremely popular performer both live and on television, across Australia and overseas. Her debut novel for Penguin, Whaddya Mean You’re Allergic To Rubber? sold out faster than Judas.

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