Rachel Berger - Australian Comedian 

"She is one of the sharpest comedians of either gender or hemisphere." - The List, Scotland


Gunnas Stand Up Comedy Workshop with Rachel BergerGunnas Stand Up Comedy Workshop

Date: Saturday 5th September
Time: 10-5pm.
Where: La Luna Bistro Carlton
Book Here: http://www.catherinedeveny.com/gunnas-stand-up-with-rachel-berger/

A Stand Up Comedy Workshop with Rachel Berger

We all live with the fear of failure so why not bite the bullet and move out of the lounge room and onto the stage. There is no security for the comedian. Anxiety goes with the territory, it’s the cattle prod towards excellence.

“If you’re not failing now and again, it’s a sign that you’re playing it safe.” Woody Allen.

This is NOT a comedy-writing workshop. But a rare and unique opportunity to draw on Rachel’s twenty-eight years of experience to help you understand your illogical self and what makes YOU funny? In order to be funny you have to know and trust your comic-self on stage and basically that’s what my workshop is about – discovering your ownfunny!

Is YOUR funny, temperament or talent?
How do YOU engage your audience emotionally?