Rachel Berger - Australian Comedian 

"She is one of the sharpest comedians of either gender or hemisphere." - The List, Scotland



After listening to your needs and doing her research, Rachel will target her presentation to your conference, special event or specified requirement. This can be customised for marketing, leadership or organisational communication.

“She scored more nines and tens on the audience satisfaction scale than a Russian ice skater at the Winter Olympics. Rachel was considerate of our theme and incorporated it smoothly into her routine. I believe the evening was a success because she had the ability to become a local for a night and relate to our audience on a personal level.” YVONNE LEWIS TOUGH TIMES TOUGH PEOPLE PROJECT IN LOWER HUME, LOWER HUME PRIMARY CARE PARTNERSHIP

“Setting the scene, your performance guided us into our Guest Satisfaction Feedback session. It certainly warmed up the crowd and provided a relevant platform for discussion. It really did refresh the way in which we deliver our guest feedback results!”CARA GEORGE TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, TOGA HOSPITALITY

“Your wonderful MCing contributed significantly to making the ceremony both memorable and celebratory while not minimising or trivialising the very serious topic of family violence. Your skilled approach kept the audience engaged and created an event with lots of movement, light and shade. Our steering committee is indebted to you for your thoughtful suggestions and technical advice that assisted us in making the event flow smoothly and professionally.” FIONA Mc CORMACK CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTORIA

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