Rachel Berger - Australian Comedian 

"She is one of the sharpest comedians of either gender or hemisphere." - The List, Scotland


“Not only did you have the entire audience howling with laughter on the night, your experience, professionalism and guidance in the lead up to the event were invaluable to the committee. We are hugely appreciative of the amount of time and effort you put in to ensure that the whole night would be a success. We especially loved the way you thoroughly researched our industry before the night, and wove your understanding and insights into the performance. It was a rousing, hilarious and highly relevant kick start to our conference.” AUSTRALIAN MARKET AND SOCIAL RESEARCH SOCIETY CONFERENCE

“I have received no shortage of positive feedback, praising your affability, quick wit and choice of comedic anecdotes which complemented the themes and tone of the day perfectly.”SAM AFRA CHAIRPERSON, ETHNIC COMMUNITIES’ COUNCIL OF VICTORIA

"It is the offbeat observation, the incisive knack of showing up everyday events for the ludicrous pantomimes they really are that separate the women from the girls. In this department Rachel Berger is a real Star..." THE GUARDIAN London

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RACHEL BERGER is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest stand up comedians. Her material encompasses contemporary lifestyles, offering a hilarious and poignant expose of human foibles. Her dynamic presence and engagingly sharp observations have made her an extremely popular performer both live and on television, across Australia and overseas. Rachel believes that laughter is a powerful tool able to communicate a powerful message. With this in mind she’s been invited to appear at events as diverse as hosting a public forum on Climate Change with world-leading Climate Change expert Stephen Schneider, to writing and performing in Diversity Works, an educational video for the Council for Equal Opportunity in Employment and as a special guest performer at a Positive Living Expo for Women with the overall aim to reduce the harm associated with gambling. With her unique ability to connect with an audience, Rachel is also a superb corporate speaker and MC. According to Andrea Jones, the Editor of Home Beautiful magazine, “Rachel’s presentation was funny and, especially important, it was relevant. We have been inundated with compliments on the success of these awards and it is true to say that Rachel's performance made us, the client, look good.” And Sarah Davies, Partnership & Marketing Coordinator, City of Whittlesea had this to say, “I greatly appreciated the amount of effort she put into her research and the relevance of all her topics to the theme of our day, which was celebrating the achievements of women within the local government sector.”

Corporate clients include:

  • Yarra Valley Water
  • City of Port Phillip
  • City Of Whittlesea
  • Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development.
  • TOGA Hospitality
  • BMW Australia
  • Mercedes Australia
  • Property Council Of Victoria
  • Family Violence Unit, Victoria Police
  • Mitchell Shire